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Spoil Board

Why do i need a spoil board?

A spoil board is a disposable work surface mounted on top of SmartBenches Y Bench and is clamped between the rollers of the upper and lower X beams beneath your work piece.

The spoil board has three main functions:

  • Protects SmartBench from damage when the tip of the cutter breaks through the bottom surface of your work piece.
  • Becomes a large format work holding surface which can be easily removed when SmartBench is not in use.
  • Improves the surface finish on the underside of your work piece by giving another solid surface for the cutter to work against when breaking through the bottom of your work piece.

Many different materials can be used as spoil boards, typically we use a 6mm (1/4’’) or 9mm (3/8’’) MDF board.

When choosing yours, be mindful of the following factors, all of which depend on the job you’re processing:

  • Compatibility with the cutter your using for your job
  • Regularity of thickness

As a general rule of thumb any CAM strategy always involves cutting into the spoil board by about 0.5mm

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Updated on Wed, 15 May 2019 by Andy Mac

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