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About us

Our story

Over the years, we’ve been responsible for bringing a number of different engineered products to the market. From directional drilling equipment to the birth of 3D printers for the masses, we thrive on designing and creating products that drive industry sectors forward.

What we do

We find inspiration in different perspectives. Bringing with us the experience gained from other market sectors and products, we ask a lot of questions, take a fresh look at design and then create unique products which have our customers, and progress at heart.

We believe

The core of our business values is that if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Therefore to ensure the highest standard of quality, everything is designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and shipped from our premises here in the South West of the UK.

Our quality

We believe in providing a quality customer experience, from the moment you receive your product to the moment you complete your first job. We take pride in every element of our designs and constantly strive to meet perfection. Where third-party components are used, we ensure they meet the same high standards we expect of our own.

Our future

With great ideas comes great responsibility.

Presently, we are committed to delivering a standalone smart router for use in the workshop and on the worksite - however we don’t plan on stopping there. We are continuously looking for new and exciting ideas to build on our range of routers such as wall mounts, router heads, and much more.

Visit our SmartBench page to find out more

Prices start from £4,971.00 Exc VAT and shipping