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SmartBench customer offers Pay-As-You-Go CNC machine hire with amazing results

SmartBench customer offers Pay-As-You-Go CNC machine hire with amazing results

The team at Yeti Tool were blown away following feedback from a SmartBench customer in Scotland who is offering Pay-As-You-Go CNC hire to their clients with amazing results.

Edinburgh Open Workshop is an open access maker space providing access to fully-equipped wood, metal, paint and textiles workshop allowing access whenever it is needed with classes, training and support.

The workshop provides residential space for new businesses and start-ups to grow, along with long-term studio rental and Pay-As-You-Go space.


The workshop is equipped with stations for metalwork, timber, welding, painting and even textile bays providing huge access opportunities.

They were looking for affordable access to CNC machinery on their Edinburgh site and having experienced our SmartBench product it was clear that our unique portable large-format CNC machine would be perfect for them and their customers.

The team at Edinburgh Open Workshop purchased a SmartBench from our UK distributor Trend.

The SmartBench at Edinburgh Open Workshop provides accessible and affordable CNC machine hire to customers who would otherwise be forced to outsource their projects to other CNC specialists at a higher price.

Edinburgh Open Workshop can now offer a range of CNC services thanks to their SmartBench, including training for beginners, renting it out to customers, or even getting the in-house team to complete a CNC project for them.


CNC projects completed so far at Edinburgh Open Workshop using their Yeti Tool SmartBench have included signage and workbenches, with plans to start using our CNC Stylus in the near future.

Talking about the impact on their business of their new SmartBench, the management team at Edinburgh Open Workshop commented:

"It's an accessible, affordable workhorse and financially it's on course to paying for itself in under a year, which also includes six months in Covid-19 lockdown."


To find out more about Edinburgh Open Workshop, please visit here.

To see other superb examples of customer projects using SmartBench, please visit here.

If you have any questions about Yeti Tools and our unique SmartBench and how it can help you grow your business, please get in touch here and mention this blog post.


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