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£6995.00 Exc duties, taxes and delivery

Introducing SmartBench PrecisionPro, the one of a kind large format, portable CNC router. Upgrade your workshop today and gain an extra employee.

£7795.00 Exc duties, taxes and delivery

SmartBench PrecisionPro + is a World first. Introducing: YetiPilot, our AI Milling function - learning CNC has never been easier.

£7,545 Exc VAT

SmartBench Mini PrecisionPro + is a World first. It includes YetiPilot, our AI Milling function, and Mini's signature small footprint - CNC has never been more accessible.


Introducing SmartBench Mini. Our PrecisionPro CNC Router has been reduced in size for those that are restricted on space. Smaller footprint, same great capabilities.

£1217 Exc VAT

Upgrade your SmartBench V1.3 PrecisionPro to a PrecisionPro + today and unlock the addition of YetiPilot, our AI Milling function. YetiPilot listens and monitors the tool, adjusting your feeds and speeds for you. This means you can save time through job optimisation, reduce job failure, and extend tool and brush life. 

£275.00 Exc VAT

Turn SmartBench into a CNC multitool with CNC Stylus, our unique adapter which turns SmartBench into a large format pen plotter or a vinyl cutter.

£21.61 Exc VAT

Once you’ve cut your vinyl, complete your project with our vinyl cutting accessory kit.

£146.25 Exc VAT

If you have broken or damaged your console screen this is a replacement, we also have instructions for swapping out your console screen here

£1.49 Exc VAT


£10.87 Exc VAT

Use this safety strap to reduce the risk of accidental console damage.

£37.80 Exc VAT

A replacement or spare extraction hose assembly for your lower beam.

£7.86 Exc VAT

A replacement left interrupt switch PCB for your upper beam