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New SmartBench Mini offers most portable CNC router in the range

New SmartBench Mini offers most portable CNC router in the range

Customer demand has been increasing all year, and Yeti Tool can now proudly unveil SmartBench Mini, the most portable CNC router in our range. 

With pro-hobbyists and schools calling for an even more portable and smaller CNC router, the Yeti Tool team have designed the smaller SmartBench Mini to accommodate them.

SmartBench Mini has the same outstanding features and user-friendly interface as SmartBench PrecisionPro, including cutting any project to within 0.5mm accuracy and with autonomous computerised cutting functions.

Pro-hobbyists working within limited spaces can benefit from SmartBench Mini, as it packs away with the same portability of a standard SmartBench PrecisionPro model.

SmartBench Mini is ideally placed to provide safe, efficient and intuitive CNC routing in classrooms where increasing class sizes means space in educational settings are at a premium.

The main difference is that SmartBench Mini is geared up to cutting smaller CNC projects and offering a compact router solution.

As with all Yeti Tool products, SmartBench Mini is priced competitively. 

SmartBench Mini costs £5,495 to give access to as many customers as possible, while still providing the outstanding level of CNC routing that customers are used to experiencing with SmartBench products.

SmartBench Mini has been designed and developed as a cost-effective and portable large-format CNC that would give flexibility and simple solutions.

We have also provided responsive online solutions, tutorials, and guidance to customers, to ensure that they maximise the production time on their routers.

SmartBench Mini helps customers to deliver high-quality small CNC projects.

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