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"SmartBench is the best CNC router for my cabinetry work."

"SmartBench is the best CNC router for my cabinetry work."

A Yeti Tool customer has said that "SmartBench is the best CNC router for my cabinetry work" and was a complete novice to CNC less than two years ago.

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Ade Webb, founder and owner of Webb Bespoke Interiors was using a panel saw in 2021 to create cabinetry, wardrobes, under-stair storage and kitchen units for clients.

After moving to a new workshop, he was looking for a better way to work.

"The panel saw was rubbish, to be honest. I did some research and discovered SmartBench. After an online demo, I bought a PrecisionPro model. I was new to CNC, but it was more affordable than others."

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Since then, Ade has become even busier and now uses his SmartBench PrecisionPro for all aspects of customer work, as he commented:

"The SmartBench gives me so much more variation and means I can create cabinets differently. I can produce complex cabinetry with accurate results every time."

Webb Bespoke Interiors has increased bookings as a result of increased productivity, leading to more orders and more cash flow in the business.

"The PrecisionPro cuts quickly and easily. Machining was taking time before SmartBench, but now I've been able to increase work and have booked more as a result," added Ade.

"One of the biggest benefits of using SmartBench as a CNC router is that I can deliver my customers exactly what's specified. I certainly wouldn't have considered working with CNC without SmartBench."

Ade is now making all of his customer's orders using his PrecisionPro and has been busier than ever in 2023, having sold his previous SmartBench to buy the bigger machine.

"The support from Yeti Tool is incredible. SmartBench is a brilliant product," concluded Ade.

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