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1" surfacing bit not setting off touch probe properly.

This has just started happening - when setting the Z datum with a 1" surfacing bit installed, the touch has a slight delay in setting off.  (in other words, it's not setting off when making initial contact with the probe).   Enough that it's lifting the spindle up in the tracks (probably as much as 1/8"- it's trying to lift the entire gantry).  The next thing that happens is, of course, that the 1" bit tries to dig too deep on the first clearance pass and today actually stalled the spindle, which was a second of terror while I went for the panic stop.  

All the other bits seem to touch off OK, so I'm a little stumped.  I've cleaned whatever resins might have been residing on the bit and I've reset the thickness of the touch pad.  Factory setting was .153mm, but my measurement was .163mm.  I've made this change after the stalling incident.  When I reset the Z datum, it still did the same thing.  

Any ideas would be welcome!!

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Published 01/30/2022 01:11
  • SmartBench Mechanical
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Aaron Thorogood


Can you please submit a support ticket here:



replied 01/31/2022 09:27

I have to offer an apology.  I resolved this issue, but neglected to come back to it on the forum.  Turns out there was a minute bit of material (sap, perhaps?) adhering to the wings on the surfacing bit.  It was enough to interrupt the contact.  

Solution:  Use a razor knife to scrape the cutters clean.  Then switch to a different style of surfacing bit that doesn't burn the surface.  I'm surfacing now at .01" per pass with a 1.5" bit (4 indexed cutter heads) and at typically 150% feed rate (on maple), 200% on softer material, with much better results and no burning.

replied 04/14/2022 22:38

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