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Aspire or something else

Hey Yeti's , whats the forum consensus on cad / cam tools ....


I was about to lay down the cash for an aspire license , but thought I would ask the collective here first and continue my procrastination :)

is there something better? , cheaper 

Fusion360 , cambam and ESTLcam I have used in the past and found them to be fine , but I seems lots like the Vectric tools on the youtubes .... 









Poshpaws Poshpaws
Published 11/11/2019 17:44
  • CAD/CAM Software
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Here we are learning fusion CAM and it works great. 

I must admit for cuts only jobs, I use mostly from svg paths. If you setup a grbl machine and model->other, it works very well with Smartbench because it has a pure and simple GRBL interpreter. 


easel is sooo simple to setup from paths :) 

replied 11/21/2019 07:23
Eric Schiller 01

Software is always very difficult to make a hard recommendation on. The software has to think the way you do.

The Yeti doesn't care how you feed it. It's going to do what it's told to do.

I have tried some of the packages as you mentioned, and didn't get very far into them, but didn't stay with them because I didn't care for the way the software was laid out or the processes that you had to do to get to a certain point. It does not mean that the software doesn't work,  because they certainly do.  But to be efficient, they have to think like YOU do and the processes should make sense.

The folks at the Yeti Plant use Fusion and like it.  I use Vectric VCarvePRO and Aspire and like it.  We have accounts that run Cabinet Vision, and have a shop getting set up on CabinetSense, a SketchUP plug-in.

I like the packages that Vectric puts out and feel they give a ton of versatility.

I would look at VCarvePRO and make the comparisons with Aspire to see if the added features are necessary for the products you want to design and build. If they are not, I would grab VCarvePro, work with it a while and then if you need to upgrade to Aspire, you can. Vectric will buy it back for the full amount and apply it toward the upgrade to Aspire.  

I have found, that for the work that I produce and the demos that I run for potential customers, VCarvePro would easily do over 95% of the work in the exact same steps that Aspire would do it in. The other 5%, I may have to play with and be a little inventive, but I could get them done in VCarvePro.

VCarve Pro works and makes sense in the design process to me. It also is the back-end of many packages that our customers seem to be interested in that are plugins to SketchUp.

This is very important and offers a lot of versatility out of the one package.

I did want to respond on the forum, we certainly want to build this platform, but if you have any particular questions that would be easier addressed by phone, feel free to contact me directly and we will post updates on the forum if you would like.

Eric J. Schiller


Yeti Tool SouthEast, LLC

430 Industrial Lane, Ste 7

Birmingham, AL 35211



replied 11/13/2019 18:06

Hi Eric , thanks for the offer of help , I might just take you up on that..

I 100% agree software has to fit your personal workflow / needs - my problem is keep dipping in and out of cnc worlds with large gaps of time in-between and things change rapidly. 

In a nutshell I don't know what I don't know so I ask...

cabinetpartspro and mosaik I can add to the list of tools I will look at too .




replied 11/14/2019 19:33

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