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best wasteboard

What's the best wasteboard material?

I went out and bought a 26mm thick plywood board, but when I installed it I noticed the plywood is bent. Even so bent I cant flatten it...

What material would work well, and will remain flat. I'm afraid the board will bend over time because the wood isn't supported fully...


steven Vanderbeke steven Vanderbeke
Published 10/05/2020 15:46
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Trev Maybury


The logic approach to the choice of  Spoilboard that you use is actually counter-intuitive. You actually should only be using a thickness of no more than 9mm. Please remember that it is a Spoil-board and not a .Support-board. The Roller-wheels on the Upper and Lower X-Axis beams actually serve to press the Spoil-board and the cut sheet together. If you have a thicker Spoil-board this will actually work against you, especially if the Spoil-board is distorted in shape.

To resist moisture distortion, our recommendation is to use a M.D.F. sheet, melamine faced, both sides.

Adoption of these guidance notes will serve you well.

replied 10/05/2020 16:09

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