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Can't start a support 'ticket'

You can't get support without a 'ticket'.  You can't get a 'ticket' without submitting every detail about your smart bench.  Apparently, smart bench has a serial number that starts with CS.  Mine doesn't - it starts with C and then numbers.  Therefore the support doesn't recognize my machine and will not let me submit a 'ticket', which makes support completely non-supportive.  Can you sense my frustration? 

 My machine has 3 separate issues:  1) The vertical placement of the spindle is not vertical.  When surfacing, it leaves a ridge on each pass (using a 1 1/2" surfacing bit at 40% overlap).  I'm levelling the gantry along the X axis by measuring from the spoilboard to the top rail of the gantry with digital calipers.  In order to partly mitigate the uneven passes, I have to raise the gantry on the home side by at least .1" .  After surfacing, vigorous sanding is required to eliminate these ridges.  I don't believe this is acceptable.

                                                             2)  The bench itself has about a 1/4" sag in it.

                                                             3)  I get an error message at the end of each job saying that the machine will exceed its travel parameters.

I'm trying to use photo vcarve, so accurate surfacing is paramount.


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Published 09/05/2021 19:20
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Trev Maybury


Sorry to read that you are having difficulties with the registration of your SmartBench.

Please note that the "CS" reference number can be found on the rear of the Control Console.

Please do not confuse the prefix as "C8". It is not the letter C then an eight.

To make things easier for the new user we have created the following guidance link;

Please follow the steps carefully, and be sure to take care when entering data into each requested field. Input data is case and space sensitive.


There is a Knowledgebase of information which will help you with your SmartBench operation. We even have a CNC Academy which will enable you to improve every aspect of your work function;


We can support you to resolve any issue. To do this we would really benefit from receiving photos, video, G Code Files, Tool specification, Extraction System details and any other information which clarifies the issue.

The very quickest and co-ordinated response to any customer support issue is through the ticket system. By following the steps in the Registration guidance link you will certainly be able to proceed with that.


Kind regards,


replied 09/06/2021 10:10

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