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Cutters with Smartbench


I'll get a Smartbench next week. What type of cutter is included with the Smartbench? 
Do you have a table summarizing the cutting characteristics? rotation speed, depth of cut...

Thank you in advance
Have a nice day

Raph Raph
Published 11/16/2020 09:21
  • SmartBench Mechanical
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Hi Raph,

Did you purchase your SmartBench via our website? If so, I'm afraid we don't sell a SmartBench with any cutter included. If you have purchased through a distributor though, the answer may be different.

You may find this Knowledgebase article helpful!

SmartBench feeds and speed Knowledgebase article

Let me know if I can help you further,


replied 11/16/2020 09:45

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