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Define my origin point (X,Y)

I am using the smartbench and Fusion 360.

Each time I cut, I have to position my origin point in the middle of my plate.

I cannot define my origin point at the start of my plate.

Do you have a process to define the (X,Y) point of origin. 
because every time I start my cut, I do not optimize my plate format.

Thank you in advance.
Raph Raph
Published 03/01/2021 15:15
  • SmartBench Mechanical
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Are there any videos on this that are in English?

replied 05/30/2021 16:03
Michael Schüßler

Hallo Raphael,

siehe mal den verlinkten Youtub Beitrag.

Gruß Michael

replied 03/31/2021 10:46

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