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How do you setup and use the Laser Datum on the Smartbench?

Hello All, 

Does anyone know of or have any resources for the Laser Datum on the Smartbench? This seems like it would be a usefull tool but I can't find any instruction or guides for it.

Alextrebek Alextrebek
Published 05/30/2021 16:10
  • SmartBench Mechanical
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Aaron Thorogood

Hi Alex,

You can find instructions on how to set this up in our console user manual here:



replied 06/01/2021 09:10
Aaron Thorogood

Hi Alex,

It is on page 25, section 7.1.

If you also go to the maintenance app and press the yellow i icon it will give you directions on how to set it up.



replied 06/01/2021 14:31

Thanks Aaron,

Will this save the Laser setting each time I load a new file and work piece? Or does this have to be done every time?

replied 06/01/2021 14:47
Aaron Thorogood

This will set the offset between tool centre an the laser until you reset it again. It will remember the offset so you do not need to this before each job.



replied 06/01/2021 14:52

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