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Lowest Spindle Speed / Using Drill Bits

I would like to drill 4mm holes into hard wood using Smartbench.

Whats the best approach? Can I use a regular 4mm drill bit? - what is the lowest spindle speed the spindle can do (I have an SC1 spindle)? There is also a drill operation I can choose in my CAM Software (Fusion360).

Or should I rather use a 3mm router bit and treat it more like a pocket operation?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

marco marco
Published 09/03/2021 11:12
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Aaron Thorogood

Hi Marco,

The lowest spindle speed you can run is 5000 RPM.

We wouldn't really recommend running a drill bit in the spindle as you can very quickly run into issues if the drill bit is not balanced or straight. Please see our video here:

I would us the 3mm router bit with a helical plunge using the pocket toolpath



replied 09/03/2021 14:03

Many thanks Aaron for your fast reply.

The suggested solution of using a 3mm router bit to make the 4mm holes is working very well. (I'm using the Bore operation in Fusion 360 CAM for toolpath generation).

replied 09/17/2021 14:59
Aaron Thorogood

Hi Marco,

That's good to hear, thanks for the feedback


replied 09/17/2021 15:09

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