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Smart Routed - Share your projects

Whether you're looking for inspiration or simply want to show off your creations, this is the place for you!

Lizzie Lizzie
Published 10/31/2019 15:35
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I thought I'd kick things off by sharing our recent project, where we cut a 3D model of a gecko out of 12mm corian. I'll post the breakdown of our steps below, but if you want a more in depth explanation then please follow the link to our youtube channel where we posted a video following the project from start to finish.


1. We found a 3D model of the lizard, for this we browsed - a really useful website that allows you to download files for your CNC routers/3D printers completely free of charge.

2. We processed the design using Fusion360 CAD/CAM software - once again a brilliant & free virtual designing tool. 

3. Set up SmartBench for the cut! We positioned our sheet of Corian (12mm) up against a bit of MDF(12mm) at one end of SmartBench. We used the MDF to support the wheels on the x-beam as they ran off the corian surface. We chose to start the cut at the edge of the material sheet to reduce waste as corian can be quite pricey. 

4. The contouring cut. For this we used a 1/4 inch straight cutter, and cut out the outline of the bed.

5. Once the first cut was finished, we did a quick tool change to a 3mm ball nosed cutter to be used for the adaptive clearing. Then we loaded the second file and completed the second cut.

And that's it! 

Things we might have done differently:

- used the first cutter to cut out a larger portion of the material to save time, using the second cutter to just finish off the surfaces.

- used a smaller step over value to get rid of the witness marks cause by the 2mm step over.

replied 10/31/2019 19:00

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