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Smartbench rental

Hallo, I am considering (drooling over) a Yeti Smart Bench and trying to find ways to justify it to myself (OK; actually trying to justify it to my wife).  I was thinking that I could rent it out to local woodworkers and construction companies and earn enough to cover the costs.  Has anyone tried this and how much do you think it could be rented for?  

Jaberwocky Jaberwocky
Published 01/26/2021 15:04
  • SmartBench Mechanical
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If you where going to go to a company and going to get them to do CNC work depending what you where going to get done, lets say you want 8x4 sheets machined you would be looking between £50-£200 per sheet 

what you need to factor in is cost for router cutters and time for programming, people wont want the hassle of learning the programming side, to cut say 5 sheets to make a tall cupboard 

think its a great idea but only if they are seriously thinking about purchasing a machine and getting into the CNC world, 

Mine has paid for itself within a year with the work I do, you wont regret buying one and the Mrs will always have something for you to do once she sees what it can do.

replied 01/26/2021 16:45

You don't think people would be willing to rent out just the machine?  I was hoping that someone interested in seeing if they could use CNC in their business would rent it out for a week or so and learn to use it.  I am looking t buy one for my own personal use and rent it out as a side business only. I do not want to get into the business of taking on small jobs.  Hmm, will have to think about it....

replied 01/27/2021 08:27

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