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Table length

Love being able to cut full sheets, but find myself only using half the table 90% of the time. Any thought of offering a shorter table that could be swapped out?  Would free up space in my garage!  Might even be more stable. 

Smichels78 Smichels78
Published 10/14/2020 23:40
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Yes I think this is a great idea well worth pursuing. If you think of  track saw track being able to extend and shorten why not the main bench?  

replied 05/19/2021 11:02

YES -I also thought a shorter length rail would be a good option - both lengths for different uses

replied 11/13/2020 20:45
Aaron Thorogood

Hi Smichels78,

Thanks for the feedback, this is something we may consider in the future as an option for SmartBench.


replied 10/15/2020 10:03


Please take the shorter Y bench idea seriously.  I have my Smartbench Precision Pro in my small shop standing against a wall.  No way it would fit setup in the shop.  It is possible to setup and leave setup a 4ft x 4ft X and Y table.  I am always at the mercy of weather and days off to get it out and cut.  A Y bench that could cut a full length and width would be ideal.  It would remain setup and I could go out to the shop before or after work rain or shine and run a project.  Even multi tool changes could be done.  If I had to leave for work or something else, it could continue to run and then stop for the next tool change. When I get home, change the tool in SC-1 and continue with the next step in the project.  What a time saver this would be for many of us.  The shorter Y bench could be sold as a option on the initial sale, and as an accessory after purchase.  Legs would not need to be included as the customer should already have them from the Smartbench purchase.  

replied 07/14/2021 21:17
Aaron Thorogood

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the feedback. We are certainly having discussions around this.

One thing that may put people off, if the need to reset wheels and motor positions every time you swap between benches.

This takes some time, and you need make sure you get it right to maintain performance and accuracy.

Following this you wold then need to calibrate your machine.

If we move forward, I will certainly let you know.



replied 07/15/2021 10:14

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