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Temperature Icon flashing

For the past few days I've noticed a temperature icon, which is flashing on the console screen. (see attached Screenshot and video)

It is not only visible during job runs, but actually the icon is overlayed in any application I'm opening on the console.

What does it mean high temperature? Of what - spindle motor - stepping motors - or ?

What do I have to do when this happens?

marco marco
Published 05/14/2022 12:37
  • SmartBench Mechanical
  • SmartBench Console
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Aaron Thorogood

Hi Marco,

The thermometer appearing on the console screen is nothing to be worried about. It is simply an indication that the console is running at a higher temperature than normal. You will not experience any operational issues with SmartBench however you may find that the console will run a little slower.

I hope this helps!



replied 05/16/2022 08:28

Last Activity 05/16/2022 08:28