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Why is Z stop so high?


Why does the Z axis have so much useless travel? Are there bits that are 12cm long? 'cause it seems like all I do is wait for the smartbench to to Z axis movement..

I set the bit to 0 (just above work area) 

Then I start the gcode, and first thing cnc does is move up 12cm, then gcode starts, first move? u guessed it go to Z +3..... The bit was just at +3...


So why does the smartbench have so much (useless) Z height?


steven Vanderbeke steven Vanderbeke
Published 02/04/2021 15:57
  • SmartBench Mechanical
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Aaron Thorogood

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the feedback, we will make note of this for future product improvement.

As the lower and upper beam can split 150mm, we thought it might be best to allow the Z axis to have a similar range of movement.

For example, we have one user who processes foam for modelling which is 125mm thick. They use a bit with a flute length of 40mm but a overall length of 120mm.

Hope this helps



replied 02/05/2021 09:54

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