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Z axis blocked

Hello Yeti's,

I've got a problem with my Smartbench today that i've quicly fixed but it could very annoying when you're milling a long part.

So, the 3 M4 screws witch fix the Z bearing under the Z pulley were all unscrewed.

So the pulley became to touch the screws and after a while the Z screw was totally blocked.

I've screwed them with loctite threadlocker 2701.

Happy new year !

Gregory Gregory
Published 01/08/2021 12:05
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Trev Maybury

Hi Gregory,

We are sorry to read that you have experienced a problem with your Smartbench.. This seems most unusual. Most unusual indeed.

All of our Smartbenches undergo full testing and inspection prior to leaving the factory. However, something has evidently happened to your particular Z-Head somewhere along the line before arriving with you.

Should you wish, please detail your issues, along with any photos, or operational video, through our Support Ticket Channel on our website. Here, please note that our Forum pages are monitored periodically.

For the very quickest response to any technical issues, please note that our Support Ticket Channel is monitored constantly from 08:00 to 19;00 UK time.

That said, we are glad to read that your reported issue was a quick-fix.

We wish you long and continued use with your Smartbench.

By the way.You may wish to share any of your work output with our growing community of Smartbench users on the Facebbok, Yeti Tool Talk group? 


Kind regards,



replied 01/08/2021 13:00

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