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Top 5 fundamentals of spindle motors

This article describes the most important things to be aware of when using your SC0 or SC1 spindle motor.

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Cleaning the spindle motor

The spindle motor by nature operates in a dusty environment, so it is important to make sure that the spindle motor is free from chips and dust inside and out. 

Build up of debris can cause the spindle to overheat, or prevent the motor brushes from moving freely; this in turn will eventually cause the spindle to behave erratically or shut off. 

Always check that the spindle motor is switched on

Another common mistake is forgetting to switch the spindle motor on before inserting it into the Z Head. 

If you start a job with the spindle motor switch in off position, this will cause the tool to drag along the material instead of cutting it. This will damage the tip of the tool, cause the machine to stall and lose its position, as well as damaging the surface of your material!

A: Spindle motor switch

Carry out maintenance tasks on time

You should carry out the routine maintenance on time, and the reminders on your SmartBench’s console should not be ignored for a prolonged amount of time. 

If you do not check and/or replace your spindle motor brushes in line with the Console reminders, you risk the spindle motor shutting off during a job. This may lead to damaging of the tool and inability to recover your job.

Always check the cables before starting a job

It is imperative that you check all the cable connections are secure before starting each job. 

If a cable isn’t making a good connection your spindle could not be receiving signals to control the speed or, in the worst case, may not even have power to turn on. 

You must check these three connections.

A: Speed control to spindle

B: Power into spindle

C: Speed control from Z Head

D: Power from Z Head

The speed control cable is only applicable to the SC1 spindle motor, as the SC0 is a manual speed control unit.

Use collets correctly

This is often overlooked, but improper use of collets can cause big problems. Correct use will not only prevent job failure, but can also give great benefits on the quality of your final results. 

Click here to learn about important collet theory such as choosing the correct size and type, correct tool loading, and essential maintenance.

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Updated on Wed, 18 Aug 2021