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First power up

Powering the SmartBench for the first time.

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Once all the fittings have been established and the power connections secured, SmartBench is ready for its first power up.

Releasing the power button

Start by releasing the emergency stop button by twisting it clockwise, as shown below. 

This will power SmartBench.

The Z Head will light up, and you will be welcomed by the Yeti Tool logo.

If the lights or screen do not come on, check that all cables are secured properly, and that the socket switch is turned on. 

If no lights come on, you should check your power and Z head connections. 


If the lights come on but your console does not, you should check the console connection. Click here to learn more about connecting the console.


If SmartBench still does not power on, please submit a support ticket.

SmartBench will take about a minute to load the console software, and the Z Head LEDs will turn yellow.

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Updated on Tue, 24 Aug 2021