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Fitting the power cable

How to connect SmartBench to a mains power supply.

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Make sure that both the mains power supply switch and the SmartBench power button is off before you start.

Ensure that the SmartBench power button is switched to off:

A switched off power button should look like this:

If the green band is visible on the power button, this indicates that it is switched to on. Press the button in to turn it off. 

The mains power socket is located on the underside of the Lower X Beam as shown below.

A: Mains socket

The mains socket connects to the power cable.

B: Mains socket

C: Power cable

Plug the power cable into the socket like this:

Check that the cable is fully and securely inserted to ensure smooth operation.

If the cable is loose or not fully inserted, SmartBench might halt during operation. 

Power cable strain relief

The mains power cable needs to be strain relieved. 

Strain relief clips are located on the Lower X Beam as shown below:

Strain relief prevents electrical cables from being pulled loose while the machine is in operation. 

This protects personnel and equipment from harmful exposure to electrical current.

D: Power cable fitted to strain relief clip.

Make sure the cable has enough reach to freely move along the bench, and that it will not catch on any obstacles:

A cable that is not free to move will be under tension, which could cause the plug to be pulled from the mains socket while SmartBench is in operation.

Switching on the mains power supply

Once the power cable connection has been established, don’t forget to switch on the mains power supply!

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Updated on Tue, 24 Aug 2021