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Fitting the second pair of Legs

How to install the second pair of Legs on the Y Bench.

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You will need 

  • Pair of Legs (x1)

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Assembling a pair of legs at Home End

Holding the Y Bench with one hand, remove the Legs that were supporting the Home end of the Y Bench. Reposition them under the end plate of the Y Bench. 

Make sure the clamp handles are open, and in an upright position.

Do not twist the handles as this will change the clamping settings.

Align the leg assembly bolts of the Legs with the slots in the Y Bench end plate.

A: Slots in the Y bench

B: Leg assembly bolt

Slide the Leg assembly bolts into the slots of the Y Bench end plate like this.

It is important that the Legs are correctly positioned inside the Y Bench slots at the exact moment that the clamps are locked in place. 

Do not push the clamp handles down just yet - pay close attention to the next steps, as you will need to lift the whole assembly in a specific way whilst locking the legs into place.

Locking the clamp handles without lifting the assembly in the proper way will result in the legs being fitted at an angle. This will make the whole assembly unstable, and cause problems during machining.


Lift the end plate of the Legs, high enough that the feet are completely lifted off the ground

Keeping the whole assembly lifted, push the handles down.

Do not twist the handle as this will change the clamping settings.

The clamp handles will close at an angle (as shown below) when they are tight. This is to enable easy access to unclamp.

Lower the assembly to the ground, so that the feet are resting on the floor. 

Great, you have installed the second pair of Legs!

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Updated on Tue, 24 Aug 2021