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This article shows you what to expect when you unbox your brand new SmartBench.

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What is in the box?

SmartBench is packed in four different boxes. The table below represents what each box contains.

Box 1

1 x Z head assembly (including spindle)

1x  SmartBench console

1x Dust shoe plug

Box 2

1x Upper X beam

1x Lower X beam

Box 3

2x Pairs of legs

1x Power cable

1x Extraction cable

1x USB Stick

1x 6mm T handle driver

1x Wheel setting tool

1x Console safety bond

1x Collet (1/ 4”)

1x Collet Spanner

Box 4

  1x Y Bench

Unboxing the boxes

Follow the guide below to unbox the SmartBench, which will later help with the installation process. 


Please check the contents. If any of the above items are damaged or missing, please contact your point of purchase immediately.

Box 1 unboxing

Box 1 contains the Z head.

After cutting the tape, on top of the packaging there are some safety instructions and user guides as shown below.

The following documents are enclosed:

A: Yeti tool thank you note

B: Packing checklist

C: Information on the brushes

D: Quick start guide

E: Safety instructions

Remove the top layer of foam.

The Z head box also contains: 

F: Z head

G: Yeti hat

H: Dust shoe plug

I: Console

When the box is unpacked, your Z head (F), console (I) and dust shoe plug (H) should look like this:

Box 2 unboxing

Box 2 contains both upper and lower X beams.

Cut the tapes.

Open the packaging.

The upper and lower X beams should look like this:

J: Upper X beam

K: Lower X beam

Box 3 unboxing

Box 3 contains a pair of legs (2x) and a toolbox.

Cut the tapes and open the box.

The tool kit is located below the leg pairs as shown below.

L: Leg pair

M: Toolbox

The expected unboxing should look like this:

L: Leg pair (2x)

M: Toolbox

Toolbox unboxing

The toolbox contains all the necessary tools for the SmartBench.

The toolbox includes the following:

N: USB stick

O: Extraction cable

P: Power cable

Q: Console safety bond

R: Collet spanner

S: Wheel setting tool

T: Collet (1/ 4”)

U: 6mm T handle driver

Box 4 unboxing

Box 4 contains the Y bench assembly. Look for the label that says “OPEN THIS SIDE”. 

V: Strap

Lay the box flat on it's other side, making sure the “Open this side” label is facing up. Remove the top latches and the screws on each end and the sides with a screwdriver or drill.

W: Latch

After removing the top latch plates and screws, the cover can be easily lifted off as shown below. 

To take the Y bench out, unscrew the four support wooden blocks with a screwdriver or drill.

X: Y bench

Y: Support wooden block

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Updated on Thu, 10 Mar 2022