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Extra features with SmartTransfer Pro

This article will show what extra features you get with the SmartTransferPro application.

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With SmartTransfer Pro you get the ability to attach MES-data to a job file. MES-data is useful information about the job file which can be accessed through the whole production team as part of the SmartManager package.

MES data includes:

  • Customer details

  • Order details

  • Pre-production notes

  • Job details

Data will be visible at:

  • SmartBench console

  • SmartDashboards

How to unlock SmartTransfer Pro

Email our sales team at to learn more about this product.


To unlock SmartTransfer simply click on the “Help” icon as shown in the image.

And then click on “Activate SmartTransfer Pro” button.

A new dialog box will open where you can enter your “License key” to activate your Pro version or you can keep using SmartTransfer as a basic version.

How to use SmartTransfer Pro

Simply double-click on a job file to open the MES-data input dialog.

You can also tick the box "Open MES data on transfer” this will open the MES-data input dialog as soon as the file is transferred.

When complete, scroll to the bottom of the dialog and click Save.

The MES-data will be displayed on the SmartBench Console when you click on the job file in the file chooser.

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Updated on Mon, 29 Nov 2021