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Spindle turns off whilst cutting

If your spindle switches off randomly during a cut, this is the probable cause & solution.

It should go without saying that your SmartBench spindle should remain on from the beginning of your cut until' it's completion. If this isn't the case, it would indicate that you've set your spindle speed too low in your CAD/CAM file. The spindle provided with SmartBench has a starting speed of 5000rpm, meaning anything below this would not be registered and would cause the spindle to switch off.

Below are some screen shots from Fusion 360 to highlight where you can change your spindle speed - this is a feature you should be able to adjust in all CAD/CAM software compatible with SmartBench.


A screenshot of a computer

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This is the Add Tool window. 


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When adding your tool, navigate to the Feed & Speed tab.


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You can double check your spindle speed here, a window which is visible in your work space.


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Updated on Wed, 22 Jan 2020