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Drag Knife set up

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to see if anyone had tips, tricks, and advise on setting up and using a drag knife with the smart bench?

mtkeith79 mtkeith79
Published 02/22/2020 15:59
  • Drag Knife
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If you haven't already, please see our Vinyl Cutting blog post here in which we use a dragknife:


We used contact adhesive spray to hold down our vinyl sheet
We designed and used a 3D printed part to hold the drag knife in place

What are you thinking of for a drag knife project?

replied 02/28/2020 09:15

I have some carbon fiber print vinyl I want to use to cover the sides of an arcade cabinet I designed and figured the smartbench cut the side panels would work to cut the vinyl as well.

replied 02/28/2020 15:22

That's a great idea. Do you have access to a 3D printer? We'd be happy to share the file for the adaptor we proto-typed - we used it successfully for the project I shared the link for however haven't developed it for resale yet. 

replied 02/28/2020 15:34

I do have access to one my partner at work has one.

replied 02/28/2020 15:39

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