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iPhone hotspot connectivity

We have had some user which have struggled to connect their SmartBench to iPhone hotspot.

Having completed some testing, we now have some steps that you can follow to connect your device successfully

Please follow the steps below:

To connect to an Apple device, try the following steps.

  • Power off SmartBench 
  • Power cycle iPhone
  • When iPhone restarts, connect USB cable from iPhone into the USB port on the SmartBench console
  • Turn on your iPhone hotspot (Settings>personal hotspot)
  • Power on SmartBench

Enter your details on the network settings screen

Country code​​​​​​​

Make sure the country code matches. Default is “GB” which is fairly universal, but may not suit some regions. See the “Country Codes” section below for the correct code for your region.

Network name and password

  • Both will be case sensitive, make sure they are exact
  • Avoid the need for any special characters
  • Make sure there are no extra spaces

Pressing the Connect button

Check all details are exact.

Note that the “Network name...” and “Network password...” default text must be deleted and replaced with the correct data before pushing the connect button.

On releasing the Connect button, the console will reboot.

iPhone should now be connected to console and show IP address

You can now disconnect the cable

Aaron Thorogood Aaron Thorogood
Published 02/13/2020 15:06
  • iPhone
  • SmartBench
  • wifi
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