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laser engraver

I wonder if you had this idea to setup a diod laser engraver on the smartbench ? 

We find easy 2w to 7w diod lasers and I believe it could be a nice addition to the actual machine without big changes ? The best would even be to have it outside the Z block, so we could first engrave and dra on the panel, then cut with a bit, on the same job . 



sergevi sergevi
Published 11/23/2019 16:36
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  • laser engraving
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This is a great idea, and good to know it's something people would be interested in! Of course there's a lot to consider when it comes to feasibility but we hope to make more time for SmartBench development ideas in the coming new year. :D

replied 11/27/2019 14:35

Yes i Hope this come soon,

Its a great idea, to get a Laser Update, please 🙏


replied 11/27/2019 04:20

Last Activity 11/27/2019 14:35

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