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SO Happy with Smart Bench

We have some limits on space in our WoodWorking Shop, it was the best Solution to get a Smart Bench from YetiTool,

many thanks for your support, we work for 3 Weeks now, and I can say, it is Stabile,  precise-Akkurat,

and one of the best Investment for us.

We especial need the CNC for Signs, and Wool Letters for Deko & Logos use...

after the first 30 Hours of work, not one error or bad Vector on the Machine...

We work with Verctric V-Carve Pro...

One special wish we have, 

we would love that the X Axis is like on the long side when you stand in front, we have to turn the Projects in V-Carve Pro,

that would help us, but this is only a luxury Problem ;-)

all the best YETI Team, we wait for all the Future updates on Smart bench Software,

we know, that in the future there will come some great features on your Software...

lg Michael

Achtapodov Achtapodov
Published 11/22/2019 12:37
  • SmartBench
  • YetiTool
  • CNC
  • Woodworking
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