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Software Updates

Find out everything you need to know about the latest software updates right here. Make sure you’re staying up to date with new fixes & features for your SmartBench.

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Lizzie Lizzie
Published 01/10/2020 16:45
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Edited to include customer notes only

V0.4.0 will allow the following changes:


Significantly, this update will introduce the first in our new line of apps - the SmartBench Calibration Wizard!

Calibrating you SmartBench is a critical factor in maintaining cutting accuracy and performance. All SmartBenches leave the factory already calibrated, however calibrating will be necessary in the following situations:

- Significant changes in temperature

- The fitting of warranty replacements 

- Excessive vibrations in transit

- Regular maintenance checks (every 320hrs of use)

We hope that this new app will make calibration a simple and easy process. Check out our Calibration Wizard Walkthrough on Youtube!


Other features included in this update are as followed:


  • Updated Homing Screen enabling it to handle alarm states

- Now has inbuilt "reset & unlock" functionality prior to Homing

replied 01/28/2020 10:40

This Software Update was released Nov 2019

V0.3.3 will will allow the following changes:

- Fix for freezing/lagging that would occur if Easycut & machine had been left idle for a long time.
- Clear up of memory that was associated with the Gcode monitor.
- Addition of a "status" screen in the Gcode monitor, so that you can see the machine status update constantly.

If you've not updated your bench previously, this update will also allow the following:

- Fix for file preview lag
- Fix for problem files crashing Easycut (in file check and file preview)
- Vacuum coming in during file check process
- Sped up file check process significantly
- All $C toggles now directed through router_machine commands
- Updated acceleration values to improve tool life

replied 01/10/2020 16:52

Hi. What about adding  functionality for resuming job if it gets interrupted by lets say a power outage?

replied 01/13/2020 15:28

That's a great idea - we've added this to software development to begin working on it for a future SU.

replied 01/28/2020 10:23

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