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User install little tricks

Hello There, I'm Serge from a french design studio and digital fabrication. We just bought our first SmartBench and all is going very well so far. 

Congratulations for the project and the production. Everything is well made and prepared for us to have a nice experience. 

As we just started, there is however always little things that we think it could be worked on ?  

Here is our small ( very small ) things we didn't understand fast enough : 

1- The home icon was missing on the X bottom part. It's normal because the machine comes with the all X assembled. From the videos we see online, I separated them because i thought it would be more simple to do like the video .. Maybe it can be good to have the home icon everywhere, in all case ? 

2- The cables inside X : Take care to get them out and straight  before inserting the all Z . We miss in the documentation a nice close up on the way to secure both cables on the Z part. It's obvious when you know how to do but we looked for it a little before finding. 

3- Silly me : I looked for the way to get the spindle out and setup a bit for at least one minute ! IT's very obvious how to use the big red key through the plexiglass holes, but I believe it should be in the quick setup documentation too ? 


That's it for the first post :)  It's just a wonderful machine.. cannot be more happy . 




sergevi sergevi
Published 10/31/2019 11:04
  • user setup
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Hello Serge,

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave this valuable feedback. We will take a look at updating the user manual with these changes in order to streamline the setting up process!

Great news to hear you're getting along so well with your SmartBench, thank you again.


replied 10/31/2019 12:29

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