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Become a Yeti distributor

Why become a Yeti distributor?

See SmartBench in action and visualise the ground breaking capabilities you can now offer your customer base!

Product driven by our core values


Work Smart. That’s our philosophy. We incorporate it not just in our engineering and design, but in our business. We believe in striving for quality and efficiency in everything we do, so that our customers and colleagues can work with confidence and peace of mind.


From the team that created and globally distributed affordable 3D printers, we bring with us the same values - taking industry standard technology and making it accessible to all.


To achieve our goals we know that service, knowledge, and understanding of the local market is key. Therefore, we value our distribution partners and strive to create great business opportunities.

Our partners gain access to

Revolutionary products

By combining our core values we create unique products designed to tick all the boxes.

Healthy discounts

We offer attractive discount structures rewarding investment and commitment to stock purchases.

Mass market appeal

Revolutionary product at affordable pricing increases the market appeal to a larger percentage of the population.

Great return on investment

Healthy discounts in addition to mass market appeal equals a great bottom-line contribution to profits or a standalone business opportunity.

What we look for

Technology experience

A resource in the company who uses CNC and can demonstrate the power of SmartBench (on-line and face to face), advise on application and support customers with any questions they may have.

Proactive marketing

An energetic marketing department who will drive technology adoption through social media advertising and YouTube content generation.

Reliable infrastructure

To cater for frontline customer support, stock holding and distribution of large packages

Interested in joining the Yeti revolution?
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