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Training overview: Vinyl cutting with CNC Stylus

Instruction on how to create, setup and complete a drawing project using CNC Stylus.

In this series, we will show you how to complete a vinyl cutting project using CNC Stylus and SmartBench.

What we will make

Our project is to make some animal stickers.



Process overview

Here’s a flow chart to illustrate the processes involved, followed by links to each article in this tutorial.


These are the areas we will cover:

Vinyl preparation

CAD/CAM file generation

CNC Stylus preparation

SmartBench preparation, tool set & operation

Top tips and troubleshooting

How to work through this tutorial

There are a number of ways to work through this tutorial with us. Either:

  • Work through our Knowledgebase articles in order. The tutorial is broken down into a series of bitesize articles. We show the video for that article, written stages and we link to any resources you may need.

  • Or, follow the YouTube videos:

    • Combination video

    • Playlist of videos


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Updated on Wed, 19 May 2021