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Installing the Yeti Tool SmartTransfer app

This article shows you how to install the SmartTransfer App on your computer.

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Download the install file

Please click here or the icon below to download.

Download SmartTransfer

When you click on the above links this will open a new tab. The link can take some time to generate, so please be patient.

The new tab will open a download link, click on the “Download anyways” button.

You will see the download progress usually in the bottom left or top right (depending on your internet browser) of your screen. 


When the download is complete (no loading circle will show), right click on the application.

At the start of the installation process, you may be prompted by Windows Defender to tell you that the program is unrecognised. 

Press “More info”.

Press the “Run Anyway” button that appears next to “Don’t Run”.

You may also be prompted to install .NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.X. This is a program framework that our app is built on. 

Press “Install”.

When the installation has finished, SmartTransfer application setup will open automatically. 

Read on our “License agreement” terms and tick the checkbox which will open the option to install the application.

You will need administrator access to install the application.

After entering your administrator access code the download will start to begin.

Once the installation is complete click on “Finish”.

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Updated on Fri, 26 Nov 2021