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Machine Stops Mid-Job

The Smartbench simply stops moving mid-job or has erratic movements or has random yellow screen error codes

First check that your console is fully up to date via this article 

If there is an issue with static electricity buildup from your extraction system your Smartbench may stop mid-job, have an unexpected movement in an axis, or random errors are displayed from this article

SmartBench is robust to a point. Like any engineered piece of equipment, it has its operational limits. One such finite specification is SmartBenches ability to operate while experiencing a build-up of static electricity. SmartBench is electrically earthed and complies with all international electrical safety regulations, and static electricity will be dispersed generally. 

There is however a possible build-up of static electricity from the extraction hose which while it can be discharged through the SmartBench it can travel through the electronics interrupting them mid-process.

Please follow these steps to avoid a build-up of static electricity from the extraction hose travelling through the SmartBench electronics;

1) Extraction hose length

 Keep your extraction hose to a maximum linear distance of 1500mm between the Extraction motor unit and the SmartBench connection nozzle. This not only reduces the chance of static but increases the extraction flow rate as this can be lost through longer hose lengths

2) Earthing your extraction hose

 Be sure that your extraction hose is earthed through your extraction motor unit. If not, fix some copper wire along the length of the extraction hose, making sure that it too is satisfactorily earthed.

3) Keep a clear workspace

 Ensure the extraction hose is not being dragged around on dust and debris on the floor which can increase the chance of static buildup

4) Use of Anti-Static hoses

Use an anti-static hose where possible. Although this may not be enough to remove all static, it will help to reduce the amount.


If you are still having these issues you can use these tests to see if static is the cause of this:

  • Run the cut-file, where the problem was observed, "In air". Here, raise the Z-Height datum so that the spindle tool passes clear above the work surface. If your file does not complete, then this problem is not due to static. 
  • Next, please review your G-Code file for any corrupted commands
  •  If your problems persist, then please submit a Support Ticket, including video evidence of the SmartBench behaviour, the job files that were running at the time and all specifications of your chosen extraction system. 

If this article didn't solve your problem, please submit a support ticket here


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Updated on Thu, 25 Jan 2024